September 9, 2023
Vietnam E-visa

Exploring Vietnam with the Newly Opened E-Visa for Mosotho Nationals

In a significant development, Vietnam has announced the opening of e-visa services for Mosotho citizens starting from August 15, 2023. This new resolution, numbered 127/NQ-CP, has been warmly welcomed by travelers from Lesotho who were previously required to visit the Vietnamese embassy or consulate to apply for a visa. With the introduction of e-visa, the process has become more convenient, efficient, and time-saving. Let’s delve into the details and explore the benefits of Vietnam e-visa for Mosotho citizens.

The Convenience of Vietnam E-Visa

The new e-visa system allows Mosotho citizens to easily apply for a visa to Vietnam without the need to physically visit the embassy or consulate. Instead, applicants can simply access the official website, fill out the visa application form online, upload the necessary documents, make the payment, and patiently wait for their e-visa to arrive via email. This streamlined process eliminates the hassle of long queues, paperwork, and multiple visits, making it a hassle-free experience for travelers.

Easy Application Process

For those in a rush or seeking a hassle-free experience, there are commercial websites that offer simple application forms and user-friendly interfaces. These websites act as agents, ensuring a smooth and timely delivery of the e-visa. Although these services come at a higher cost, they provide peace of mind and convenience for travelers who prioritize efficiency and want to avoid any potential frustrations during the application process.

Swift Processing Time

Under normal circumstances, the processing time for Vietnam e-visa is just 3 working days. It’s important to note that during peak seasons or after holidays, the processing time may be slightly longer. However, compared to traditional visa application methods, e-visa still offers a significantly faster turnaround time. This means that Mosotho citizens can now plan their trips to Vietnam with more flexibility and confidence, knowing that their visa will be processed swiftly.

Explore Vietnam with Ease

Vietnam e-visa holders can enter and exit the country through 13 airports, 16 land border gates, and 13 sea border gates. This extensive coverage ensures that travelers have numerous entry and exit points to choose from, making it incredibly convenient to explore Vietnam’s diverse landscapes, rich culture, and fascinating history. Whether it’s the bustling streets of Hanoi, the stunning Halong Bay, or the vibrant city of Ho Chi Minh, Mosotho citizens can now embark on their Vietnamese adventure with ease.


The introduction of Vietnam e-visa for Mosotho citizens is a game-changer in simplifying travel arrangements for those dreaming of experiencing the natural beauty, warm hospitality, and cultural wonders of Vietnam. With the ability to apply for a visa online, travelers from Lesotho no longer need to worry about the absence of a Vietnamese embassy or consulate in their country. Whether choosing the official website or opting for commercial websites with additional services, the process has become more accessible, efficient, and stress-free. So, pack your bags, prepare your itinerary, and get ready to explore Vietnam hassle-free with the new e-visa system.

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