October 12, 2019
Vietnam E-visa

What You Need to Know About Vietnam eVisa

There are different types of visa that you can avail for your trip to Vietnam. One of these is the Vietnam eVisa. This visa will allow you to stay in the country for a maximum of 30 days. That should be enough time to enjoy Vietnam’s most popular attractions.

If you came from those countries that are qualified to avail of the eVisa, you can simply go online to apply for this visa. It will only take a few minutes of your time, which is why it’s more convenient than having to go to an embassy to physically apply for your Vietnam visa.

What is Vietnam eVisa?

The eVisa is an electronic travel authorization that allows certain nationalities to enter Vietnam for a maximum stay of 30 days. This type of visa is available to 81 nationalities, including Australian, American, and British citizens.

Applying for the eVisa would simply require you to fill out a form online and you’ll be asked to provide your complete name, address, birthdate, and other information from your passport.

Once you are done filling out the form, your visa will be processed within 24 hours. It’s very important that you provide accurate information so as not to delay the processing of your visa. Sometimes, you may have to wait for up to 72 hours for the visa to be approved. But most of the time, it should only take 24 hours for your visa to be processed.

Who Are Eligible for the Vietnam eVisa?

As mentioned, the eVisa is available to citizens of 81 countries. Below is a list of those countries that are qualified to avail of the Vietnam eVisa:

Andorra Denmark Macedonia Portugal
Austria Estonia Malta Qatar
Argentina Fiji Marshall Islands Romania
Australia Finland Mexico Russia
Armenia France Micronesia San Marino
Azerbaijan Georgia Moldova Serbia
Belarus Germany Monaco Slovakia
Belgium Greece Mongolia Slovenia
Bosnia & Herzegovina Hungary Montenegro Solomon Islands
Brazil Hong Kong Myanmar South Korea
Brunei Iceland Nauru Spain
Bulgaria India Netherlands Sweden
Canada Ireland New Zealand Switzerland
Chile Italy Norway Timor Leste
China Japan Palau United Arab Emirates
Colombia Kazakhstan Panama United Kingdom
Croatia Latvia Papua New Guinea United States
Cuba Liechtenstein Peru Uruguay
Cyprus Lithuania Philippines Vanuatu
Czech Republic Luxembourg Poland Venezuela

How to Apply for the Vietnam eVisa?

As mentioned, the process of applying for a Vietnam eVisa is done online. Most of the applications are processed and approve in no more than 72 hours. The only time it will take longer for your application to be processed is when there are errors on the information you have submitted. This is why it’s absolutely important to review the information you have provided on the online form.

The information that you will provide on the online application will be screened using a security database for proper identification and to ensure the safety of the country. To avoid issues at the border, make sure the information you entered matches with the information that’s on your passport. Providing incorrect information could also result in the rejection of your visa.

In some instances, additional requirements might be required before the eVisa is approved. You’ll also be asked to provide the address of the place where you intend to stay in Vietnam. Other information that might be asked from you is history of vaccinations and medical history.

Traveling to Vietnam with your eVisa

Once your eVisa is approved, it will be sent to you through your email. Print this out and bring with you on your trip to Vietnam. This is the document that you will present to the immigration at the border in order to be allowed entry to the country. You will also be asked to present your passport along with the eVisa. This is why it’s very important that the information you will provide on your application matches with what’s on your passport. Travelers who have two passports must make sure to bring the proper travel document with them on their trip.

Advantages of Applying for a Vietnam eVisa

Convenience is the biggest advantage of applying for an eVisa. Since the process is done online, you don’t have to go through the hassles of queuing just to get your Vietnam visa sorted. Aside from convenience, here are the other advantages of applying for a Vietnam eVisa:

  • Available 24 hours since application is done online.
  • Visa experts will review application before it is sent to the Vietnam Immigration Department.
  • Experts will crosscheck information provided.
  • Online application form is safe and secure
  • Photo and documents provided will be edited to the appropriate format.
  • Email support is available 24 hours in different languages – Chinese, English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, etc.
  • Comes with insurance and full refund will be given in case of non-approval of visa.
  • Various methods of payment are available including major credit cards, such as Visa and MasterCard.
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Vietnam Tourist e-Visa
October 12, 2019

When planning for your Vietnam trip, one of the things that you need to think about is the visa. Although there are a few nationalities that can enter Vietnam without having to apply for a visa, most foreign tourists have to have a valid Vietnam visa before they can enter the country.

An electronic visa (E-visa) is one of visa types issued to foreigners by Vietnamese Immigration Department. Vietnam E-visa is valid for maximum for 30 days, single entry.

At the national conference on tourism development took place last week, in Hoi An, The Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has confirmed Vietnam will issue electronic visa on 01 January 2017. Besides the visa-free and issuing the visa at the border, electronic visa (E-Visa) has become a popular trend in the world for many years.

About e-VISA
August 24, 2016

Vietnam e-Visa or Electronic Visa has been introduced by Vietnam Immigration Department to promote the Vietnam tourism industry. The website https://www.

Vietnam e-VISA Process To Apply Step 1: Apply Online Complete the online e-Visa Application. The visa application form online must be correctly full-filled.