September 13, 2023
Vietnam E-visa

Gibraltarians Can Now Apply for Vietnam E-Visas Online

Gibraltarians seeking to explore the vibrant landscapes and rich cultural heritage of Vietnam can now rejoice! With the implementation of Vietnam’s new E-Visa Scheme starting from August 15, 2023, it has become easier than ever for Gibraltarians to obtain a visa for Vietnam. This groundbreaking initiative allows applicants to conveniently apply online, eliminating the need for embassy or consulate visits. Let’s delve into the details of this exciting development and discover how to make the application process a breeze.

Vietnam’s E-Visa Scheme: A Game-Changer for Gibraltarians

Under Vietnam’s resolution 127/NQ-CP, citizens from all countries and territories, including Gibraltar, can now obtain e-visas for Vietnam, granting them a stay of up to 90 days. This means that Gibraltarians can immerse themselves in Vietnam’s captivating beauty, explore its iconic landmarks, and experience its warm hospitality without the hassle of traditional visa application processes.

Online Application: A Convenient Alternative

Gone are the days of extensive paperwork, long waiting times, and tiresome visits to embassies or consulates. Gibraltarians can now apply for their Vietnam e-visa from the comfort of their own homes. By simply visiting the official website, applicants can complete the online application form and submit the required documents electronically. This streamlined process ensures a quick and hassle-free experience, allowing travelers to focus on planning their dream Vietnam adventure.

Opting for Commercial Websites: A Time-Saving Solution

For those Gibraltarians who are in a rush or wish to avoid potential frustration, commercial websites offering e-visa services can be an attractive option. These platforms provide a simple application form and friendly customer service to assist applicants throughout the process. While it is important to note that opting for commercial websites may incur higher costs, these agents guarantee the delivery of e-visas within the specified time frame. This ensures a stress-free experience, especially for travelers with time constraints.

Vietnam’s Extensive Entry Points

Vietnam offers a range of entry points for e-visa holders. With 13 airports, 16 land border gates, and 13 sea border gates accessible to Vietnam e-visa holders, Gibraltarians have ample options to choose from. Whether arriving by air, land, or sea, the e-visa allows for seamless entry and exploration of Vietnam’s diverse regions, from bustling cities to picturesque coastal towns.

Cost and Processing Time

The Vietnam e-visa is an affordable option for Gibraltarians, with a fee of US$25 for single-entry and US$50 for multiple-entries. It is important to note that the cost paid for the e-visa application is non-refundable, irrespective of the visa application outcome. In normal circumstances, the processing time for e-visas is three working days. However, during peak seasons or after holidays, it may take slightly longer. Therefore, it is advisable for Gibraltarians to plan their trip well in advance to ensure a smooth visa application process.


With the advent of Vietnam’s new E-Visa Scheme, Gibraltarians can now embark on their Vietnam adventures with ease and convenience. The online application process eliminates the need for embassy or consulate visits, making it a time-saving solution for travelers. Furthermore, commercial websites offer an alternative for those seeking a hassle-free experience, albeit at a slightly higher cost. With the flexibility of 90-day stays and a multitude of entry points, Vietnam welcomes Gibraltarians to explore its enchanting landscapes and immerse themselves in its vibrant culture. So, get ready to discover the wonders of Vietnam hassle-free with the new Vietnam 90-Day E-Visa!

Note: Please remember to check the official embassy or consulate website for the most up-to-date information and requirements regarding the Vietnam E-Visa Scheme for Gibraltarians.