October 24, 2019
Vietnam E-visa

Vietnam e-Visa for Chinese Passport Holders

One of the easiest ways to apply for a Vietnam Visa for Chinese Passport Holders is with an e-Visa. This is an electronic travel authorization that will allow travelers to apply for a visa to Vietnam over the Internet. The eVisa is applicable to citizens of more than 81 countries, including Chinese citizens.

With the e-Visa, there’s no longer a need for Chinese tourists to go to a Vietnam embassy to schedule an appointment for their visa. And unlike the Visa on Arrival that requires you to queue at the airport, the e-Visa is very convenient since everything is done online. In fact, the entire process could be completed in a few minutes and you’ll get the visa copy in your email after three business days.

Do Chinese Passport Holders Require a Visa to Enter Vietnam?

All Chinese passport holders must have a visa to enter Vietnam. This is also applicable to those holding a Hong Kong and Macau passports. Thankfully, applying for a Vietnam Visa is now so easy, thanks to the e-Visa. The e-Visa is a single entry visa to Vietnam that will allow Chinese visitors to stay in the country for up to 30 days. This visa can be used for various purposes. Aside from tourism, the e-visa can also be used for business, study, or other purposes.

For Chinese citizens who needed multiple-entry visas to enter the country or want to stay in Vietnam for more than 30 days, the best option is to apply for Vietnam Visa on Arrival.

When the e-Visa is approved, it will be sent to you through email in a PDF file. Download the file and print it out so you can bring it with you on your trip. Present the e-Visa at the immigration along with your passport and you will be allowed entry to the country. Make sure to present the corresponding passport that you’ve used in your e-visa application. It’s important that the passport is valid for at least six months from your arrival to the country. The passport should have two blank pages for the stamp.

A sample of an eVisa Vietnam

How Long Can the Chinese Travelers Stay in Vietnam?

Aside from securing your visa, one of the things that Chinese travelers might ask when traveling to Vietnam is how long are they allowed to stay in the country? Vietnam is a vast country and it’s not possible to see everything that the country has to offer when staying for only a few days.

  • For Chinese citizens who would come to the country for holiday purposes, applying for the e-Visa is highly recommended. This is a single-entry visa that will allow you to stay in the country for a maximum of 30 days.
  • Chinese citizens who wish to enter Vietnam multiple times in a span of six months can avail of the multiple-entry visa with visa on arrival option.

Therefore, as a Chinese traveler visiting Vietnam, you have an option to stay in the country for 30 days or 60 days, depending on the visa that you have chosen to avail.

Hand holding China passport, ready to travel

Remember that when applying for a Vietnam e-Visa, you’ll be asked to provide some details about your trip. On the form, which you need to fill out online, you’ll be asked to provide your expected arrival date in the country, the name of the hotel where you want to stay, and the places you’ll be visiting.

The usual processing time for the Vietnam e-Visa for Chinese citizens is three business days. But this will also vary, depending on certain situations. To make sure that you’ll have enough time to wait for your visa, it’s highly recommended that you apply for the visa at least 7 days before your arrival in the country.

Vietnam e-Visa Requirements for Chinese Nationals

Applying for a Vietnam e-Visa is a very straightforward process and will only take a few minutes of your time to complete. However, there are certain requirements that you need to accomplish.

First, you will be asked to provide the biographical page of your Chinese passport that shows the important details such as your photo, name, passport number and other important details. You will also provide these details on your e-visa application.

Double-check the information before submitting to avoid delays in the processing of your e-visa. Also, the immigration officer at the airport will compare the information from your passport with the e-visa so to avoid any problems, make sure that your passport details are correct.

Aside from the passport information, you will also be asked details about your health. The form will require you to fill out some information about your medical history and if you have acquired vaccinations in recent months. Finally, when you’re done with answering the form, you will be asked to make a payment for the processing fee of your e-visa. So have your credit card or debit card ready for this. Once your application is submitted, you’ll receive a confirmation on your email.

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