September 17, 2023
Vietnam E-visa

Unveiling Vietnam’s New E-Visa Scheme for Sri Lankans: Skip the Embassy Lines, Apply Online!

Planning a trip to Vietnam has never been easier for Sri Lankans! With the introduction of Vietnam’s new e-visa scheme, Sri Lankans can now apply online for a visa to Vietnam starting from August 15, 2023. This means no more visits to the embassy or consulate, no more complex paperwork, and no more long waiting times. In this article, we will guide you through the process of obtaining a Vietnam e-visa and provide you with valuable tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable travel experience.

Applying for a Vietnam E-visa

Gone are the days of traditional visa application processes. The new e-visa scheme allows Sri Lankans to apply for a visa to Vietnam from the comfort of their own homes. Simply visit the official website and follow the step-by-step instructions to complete your application. The process is quick, convenient, and can be done at any time, eliminating the need to take time off work or disrupt your busy schedule.

Benefits of the Vietnam E-visa

👉 1. Simplified Application Process: The online application form for the Vietnam e-visa is straightforward and user-friendly. It only requires basic personal information and travel details, saving you from the hassle of filling out lengthy forms.

👉 2. Time-Saving: With the e-visa scheme, there’s no need to wait in long queues or make multiple visits to embassies or consulates. The entire process can be completed within minutes, allowing you to focus on planning the exciting aspects of your trip.

👉 3. Cost-Effective: The Vietnam e-visa costs US$25 for single-entry and US$50 for multiple-entries. While the application fee is non-refundable, it is a small price to pay for the convenience and ease of the online application process.

👉 4. Flexible Travel Duration: Sri Lankan travelers can stay in Vietnam for up to 90 days with the e-visa. This provides ample time to explore the country’s rich history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking landscapes.

👉 5. Multiple Entry Options: Vietnam e-visa holders can enter and exit the country through 13 airports, 16 land border gates, and 13 sea border gates. This provides flexibility for travelers to choose the most convenient entry and exit points based on their itineraries.

Opting for Commercial Websites

For those who are in a rush or prefer to avoid any potential frustration, commercial websites offer a viable alternative. These websites provide a simplified application form and friendly customer service to assist you throughout the process. While the costs may be slightly higher, the peace of mind and guaranteed delivery of your e-visa on time make it a worthwhile investment for a hassle-free experience.


The introduction of Vietnam’s new e-visa scheme is a game-changer for Sri Lankans planning to visit this beautiful country. The convenience, simplicity, and time-saving benefits of the online application process make it an attractive option for travelers of all kinds. Whether you choose to apply directly through the official website or opt for a commercial website, obtaining a Vietnam e-visa has never been easier. So, pack your bags, get ready to embark on a memorable journey, and explore the wonders of Vietnam hassle-free!